Welcome to the Maine Knights of Columbus


Are you an active member.
      The kind that would  be missed?

 Or are you just contented
     That your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings
     And mingle with the flock?
Or do you stay away at home
     And criticize and knock?

Do you ever go to visit
     A Brother who is sick?
Or leave the work to just a few
     And talk about the clique?

There’s quite a program scheduled
     That I’m sure you’ve heard about
And we’ll appreciate it if you too
     Will come and help us out.

So come to the meetings often
     And help with hand and heart
Don’t  just be a member
     But take an active part.

Think this over, Brother,
     You know right from wrong.
Are you an active member?
     Or do you just belong.


Family of the Month Winners in the Supreme Monthly Drawing

Congratulations to the following families for winning in the Monthly drawings at Supreme:

March 2016:  David and Carol Ricker Council 1753, Fort Fairfield

All councils are encouraged to submit a Family of the Month. The form, with a copy to State Deputy and Family Life Activities Director, must be received at Supreme prior to the 15th of the month to be eligible for the drawing.

Good Evening my Brothers, 

This is a painless way to help our brothers in Christ in foreign lands. Olivewood Cross Order Form

Vivat Jesus! 

Peace and God Bless, 

David Roy, PSD 

Maine Knights of Columbus 

88 Shaws Mill Rd Standish, ME 04084-6448 email: davekc10221@yahoo.com 

tel: 207-642-3210 (H )tel: 207-232-6809 (C)


PSD David Roy Collecting donations at Special Olympics toll booth in Old Orchard Beach Saturday August 15th, 2015.
2015 Polar Dip, May 3rd 2015 at Sporting Club on Long Lake in Sinclair Maine.  $6,500 was raised.  



SO Spring games in Presque Isle. To date we have raised $18,455 for Aroostook Special Olympics.
Letter From Supreme

READ and Pass on to Council Leadership.
Order your tootsie roll aprons using the order form posted here.  Please make a note that the prices have changed.

Thank you,

Community Director 


Thanks to the work of the Maine State Council's Worthy Publicity Director, Matt Pettine, we now have the ability to build a distribution email for calendar notifications and important information from the State Council.  In order to receive these updates, click on the link below and enter your contact information.

Mike Foster
State Webmaster


The Power of One!

Message from State Webmaster

Any questions, concerns or input is welcome. 

Mike Foster, State Webmaster

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